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Asst. strands:              $2.00 per 12"-16" Strand, or per 12” of loose beads

This is a constantly-changing range of colors and materials, including semi-precious stones, crystals, glass, marble, resin & metal beads.


Come to my Santa Monica studio to choose in person.

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Size 6 seed beads                           .01 each
Size 8 seed beads                                            .01 each
Size 11 seed beads                         .01 for 3 beads or $.30/100
Cube beads                                    .02 ea.
Wood beads, Plain – small            .05 ea.
Wood beads, Plain – medium       .10 ea.
Wood beads, Plain -  large            .20 ea.
Wood beads, Carved - small                 .20 ea.
- medium            .25 ea.
- large or tubular .35 ea.
Fancy ceramic beads – small                 .40 ea.
- large                 .60 ea.
Flat disk beads, glass, 8-10mm.            .15 ea.
Ghana beads - disk, clear               .20 ea.
disk, opaque           .25 ea.
painted balls           .40 ea.
Metal beads, gold, silver, etc.– small, round    .05 ea.
Metallic Axelrod beads                                    .20 ea. 
Stone donuts & other stone items     $1.50 ea.
Asst. pendants                                   $1.00 ea.
Horn rings                                         $1.00 ea.
Asst. Wood & Mother-of-Pearl rings   .25 ea.
Top-drilled Beads          tiny $.10ea.       sm. $.15 ea.   med. $.20 ea.          lg. $.30 ea.
Bag of Buttons    $3.00