“Sorry It Took Me So Long to Write!”

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The Ceiling of My Bedroom from My Letter-Writing Days

Yay! That was exciting! After 3 years, I was able to go back through all my notes and figure out how to log in to WordPress and post on my blog.

It occurred to me that this meta-commenting and apologizing for not posting more often is similar to what life was like when actual, physical (really!) letter-writing was a common way to communicate with friends who were far away.

I admit it! I’m old enough to remember when there was no snapchat, no facebook, not even email! Not only that, but “long-distance” phone calls were actually expensive. There were no cell phones either. If you made a bunch of phone calls to people in another state, you would probably be yelled at by your parents for wasting money. Even if you lived in New York (which I did) and called a friend in New Jersey! Yes, folks, that was the primitive world I grew up in. My father had to go out and club a ptarmegan to death in order for us to eat dinner, and when we went to school, we scratched our “sums” onto quarried slate with a rock. Those were the good old days.

Anyway, in spite of all this primitive-ness, my siblings and I were sent away to summer camp for 8 weeks every summer and we had the opportunity to make friends who lived in other cities or states. Not to mention that, to keep in touch with our friends & relatives from home, we had to write letters all summer long. Mail call was an exciting part of the day, but that’s another story.

The point is that I always procrastinated when responding to letters received from far-away friends and I always had a stack of letters labelled “to be answered”.

And…. I usually ended up starting every letter by saying, “Sorry it took me so long to write back.” Which is what I was reminded of when I started to comment on the fact that it’s taken me 3 years to write my next blog post. I thought this nostalgic reminiscing might be slightly more interesting than just starting out by saying, “Sorry it’s taken me so long to write.”

It’s not? Oh well. Sorry about that, too!

I promised my daughter I would start posting regularly, so this is my first attempt. What does this have to do with jewelry? Absolutely nothing! Please read on to Attempt #2 for jewelry commentary.

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