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Now that I’m back to living a normal life (after my Steroid Withdrawal experience) I’m picking up where I left off developing my website. With the help of Craig Stocks (, I’ve set up Adobe Lightroom on my computer and I’m getting ready to put galleries of my jewelry on my website. I’ve already taken photographs of all my bracelets, and I will continue photographing until I get all my earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.
Craig has given me some good pointers on how to use my camera to take better pictures of my jewelry, and my photographer friend Nancy Kaye has also helped me a lot.

I made an amazing discovery the other day. When the sky is overcast here in Santa Monica, the light is absolutely perfect for taking pictures of my jewelry. This is a real breakthrough because I’ve had a really hard time working with shadows & lighting. An overcast sky gives a nice, even, bright light with no shadows. Now I just have to hope that my schedule and the weather coincide.
Comments: I had to turn off comments on my blog because I was getting so much spam. If you have any comments on any of my blog or website content, or if you just want to let me know you came here and read something, please email me at I will post any comments that are not spam.

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