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Record Jewelry and Materials Sale This Past Weekend

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This past weekend, I hosted an Open House sale at my home in Santa Monica. It went really well and I sold more than 40 pieces of jewelry. I love having sales because I never know who’s going to show up. My mailing list of over 1000 includes old friends, new friends, lots of students, ...Read more.

If you want to comment…

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I’ve turned off comments on my blog posts because I got too much spam. If you’d like to contact me, please email me at susan (at) I will post any legitimate comments. Thanks!

Hoop Earrings & How I Organize My Projects

I love hoop earrings! I’ve made so many of them in the last few years in so many different styles that I’ve had a hard time categorizing them in my mind & in my classes. Years ago, when I started teaching jewelry-making, I felt the need to keep track of all the jewelry projects I ...Read more.

“Sorry It Took Me So Long to Write!”

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Yay! That was exciting! After 3 years, I was able to go back through all my notes and figure out how to log in to WordPress and post on my blog. It occurred to me that this meta-commenting and apologizing for not posting more often is similar to what life was like when actual, physical ...Read more.

Testing, testing….

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Does this blog still work? I haven’t posted anything since 2013! Time to find out!

My Website & Jewelry Photographs

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Now that I’m back to living a normal life (after my Steroid Withdrawal experience) I’m picking up where I left off developing my website. With the help of Craig Stocks (, I’ve set up Adobe Lightroom on my computer and I’m getting ready to put galleries of my jewelry on my website. I’ve already taken ...Read more.

A Real Post

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As I mentioned below, in my post about Topical Steroid Withdrawal & Red Skin Syndrome, shortly after I set up my website a couple of years ago, I unwittingly entered into the horrific Steroid Withdrawal. If you know anyone who uses steroids on their skin and seems to have ever-worsening eczema, there’s a good chance ...Read more.

No More Comments

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I’ve been getting lots of spam, so I’ve closed the comment option on my blog.

My Current Class Schedule

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Here’s a list of the jewelry classes I currently have scheduled. Contact me at if you’re interested in attending: Home Studio Classes: Macrame Techniques for Jewelry Monday, January 30th, 2012, 6:45-9:15pm Learn macrame knotting and a variety of bead placement techniques for macrame bracelets & necklaces. Chain Maille Bracelet with Caged Beads Monday, February ...Read more.

Website Updates on Hold Due to Topical Steroid Withdrawal

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Hi Everyone! At the beginning of last November, I was all ready to upload a whole bunch of useful content to my website. My website advisor Craig Stocks had just helped me set up a great new format for my lists of class projects and materials that I offer for sale. And then, suddenly, BAM! ...Read more.

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